This handle makes the spoon so easy to use! It is very comfortable and has a generous bowl on the end for cooking or serving. You really have to hold it to understand! It's 12" long so it is great for small or medium sized pots.  I can also make this in left handed when you request it at checkout.




This it the perfect untensil to serve your pizza or pie with rustic elegance. It is approx 12" long and is wide enough to serve up a good sized piece of pie or even a slice of a large pizza.



Choose Right or Left


Thin or Wide


This spatula is curved instead of flat making it the best spatula for all things breakfast!  We use it for bacon, eggs, pancakes and omelettes.  It could also be used for other foods as well.  With the working end being 6" there's plenty of room to flip large items.  The overall length is 12".



This is the long version of the Classic Spoon above. The bowl is actually a shade bigger but the same proportions. I love to use this one to make sweet tea and for cooking in the large pot pictured. It reaches to the bottom of the pot without my hands being too close to the heat!
​15" long

Right or Left
Right or Left


I wish I could say I knew how to cook with a roux, but this was designed by my brother who does know how! He's the best chef and he loves this roux paddle. It could also be used for other cooking as well, since it has a flat bottom and a sharp beveled edge. It measures about 12" long.



Choose Right or Left





The name says it all. There are too many uses to mention. It is actually a replica of a spoon that my husband's great grandmother brought with her from Italy to the US. I can only image that it was very important for her to bring it with her. This one is 12" long but I also make a 15" version too.
​(See longer version next)



Without Hole $17.00
​With Hole $19.00


 I liked this shape spoon so much that I made it into a deep dish serving spoon. The shape of the tip really fits into the corners of the pot so it is great for cooking as well. I made it a little bit longer (approx. 14") so that is would be great for serving a big pot of chili or soup. It would be perfect for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day too!




The perfect tasting spoon is one that is shallow (so the liquid can cool) but big around (to get a good taste!). It was hard to combine both of those and still be able to get it in your mouth. The pour spout fixed that dilema and you have what I call the perfect tasting spoon. (Thanks to my dear friend, John. It was designed for him). Then I realized a left handed person couldn't use it. So now I have both. 8"


I Love this spoon! I like to cook in large pots when cooking chili, brunswick stew, chicken pot pie, chicken pileau and other awesome meals. The spoons were never long enough so I made this sauce spoon about 18" long. I can make them any length (within reason) for the pot that you love to use. The corners have two different shapes to fit into the corners while stirring for a right handed chef. I can also make this one left handed. If you prefer a size other than 18" you can email me your request with your order and I will get back to you on it.


Right or Left




This is one of the most used tools in my kitchen. I use this to stir fry hamburger meat, make omelettes, veggies and even sweet tea,,,,I think I use every utensil to make sweet tea! The contour of this utensil works great for fitting into the corners of pots and pans. My friend Cindy uses it to scoop banana pudding and I sell a lot of them for roux paddles. It features a pointed edge and a hefty, comfortable handle. 11 1/2" long



I love this little 9" long gadget for cooking. It is perfect for keeping the bottom of the pan scraped so nothing burns. It also has the benefit of the hole so that it mixes up better than just a paddle. It is great for sauces and gravies or even oil and vinegar recipes.

Sauce Spoon


Since I've never cooked a crepe before I can't say if it works or not, but that is on my list of things to learn. My customers really like this 12" utensil and not only use it for crepes, but also for cooking hamburger meat and flipping pancakes. The flipping part is about 7" so you have plenty of working space. It features a chisel edge on all three sides. I now offer a wider version (at the request of a customer, designed by a French student). It's about 2 1/2" wide.


This spatula is a great size (11") and shape. It is angled to be comfortable when using it as a stir fry and is tapered to a sharp edge to get under food like hamburgers or pork chops. It's great for scrambled eggs too.   


I love the shape of this spoon and the sturdy handle. The sides are shaped to fit in the edges of the pot. I use this shape on a lot of utensils. It can be left handed as well. Just choose at check out.  The theory behind the hole is to see the consistency of the sauce, as in spaghetti sauce that cooks for a couple of days. When it is just right, the chef knows by the trail the sauce leaves behind when flowing through the hole. Or a plain one without the hole is perfect for everyday use. It measures about 12" long.


No need for a spoon rest with this handy spoon. It is contoured to fit the corners of a medium sized pot or a frying pan. It fits most pots and pans that don't have a lip on them. Great on Cast Iron,,,, my favorite, and the non stick pots too! It measures about 12" and is also available in left handed.



This is a great utensil (9 1/4") for stirring and mixing any type of batter. It's great for pancakes, waffles, cookies, cakes, pies or anything you mix in a bowl. The shape works great for most bowls. My favorite is using it for hush puppies. I mix them with this handy gadget and then my husband cooks them. He says you can pick up just the right amount and plop it into the grease with no problem. No more scraping it off with your finger!

Right or Left Handed


Probably the most valuable tool in my kitchen. This is so much nicer than using oven mitts. My oven is kind of old so I use two of them, one on each side of the rack. One works for most ovens and is really nice for toaster ovens. No more burned fingers and arms from reaching in unprotected. (A voice of experience)


This knife is chiseled to an edge capable of cutting cake, cornbread, pizza and pies. It is safe to use on all types of pans and stoneware. So protect your best stoneware and pans when you make a pizza using this knife.
​10 3/4" long



I've had so many requests for a cooking fork that I had to make one! Now I understand why! This little gadget is great for flipping bacon, whipping eggs and batter, cooking pasta or even stir frying veggies. It is about 10" long and has a curved end making it easy to pick up bacon and pasta.


This rustic wedding set has dual purpose. Use it at the wedding to cut the cake and serve and then use the server after the wedding for stir frying, scooping banana pudding or cobbler or making sweet tea. The knife can be used to cut pizza, pies, cakes, cornbread, etc. You will always be reminded of your special day for years to come every time you use these two items.


$15 thin   $18 wide



This scoop measures approximately 1 Tablespoon. It's compact size, (4 3/4") makes it perfect to store inside a coffee canister.




This handy gadget is great for scrambling eggs, mixing wet and dry ingredients together and whipping together oil and vinegar recipes. The curved end makes it perfect for scraping the sides of bowls.
​It's a functional 8" gadget.


This is a handy spatula for numerous uses. It is about 10" long and carved to a chisel edge on the end with a comfortable handle. Use for hamburgers, eggs, etc.


I love to use a wooden spreader. I use mine for mayo and mustard or PB&J or even frosting a cake or cupcakes. It's 9" long so it's great for reaching the bottom of the jar.


For the Bartender who has everything!! At 9" long it fits into an olive jar to grab even the last one. It has a hole in the bottom to drain the juice back in the jar and you're ready for your martini! I'm also getting feedback that this works great for maraschino cherries!


I use this little stirrer for mixing lime in my tea, mixing up chicken salad or even spreading mayo on a sub sandwich. It is great for stirring up food in between microwave settings. My new favorite use of this handy tool is in a French Press. A handy little 9 1/2" gadget for $13.



This little 7" knife is chiseled on the edge to make it sharp enough to cut cheese, pie, pizza or cornbread. It's similar to the Cornbread Knife listed here only smaller. I like to use mine on a small wooden cutting board with a cheese ball or for cutting my homemade pizza that I make on my stoneware. I have some special pie plates that I don't like using metal knives on and this works perfect for pies too.



This spatula could be used for more than just hamburgers. I use mine for cookies and eggs and also for stir frying.  It is about 12" long and has a sharp edge to make it easy to get underneath the food for flipping.



This is a classic utensil that you will use all the time. It's great for stirring anything in a pan. It is great for stir frying hamburger meat, veggies or even keeping sauces stirred. It is carved down to a sharp chisel edge to cut up the hamburger as you are cooking. It measures about 11" long.



This is a great utensil for serving anything with grits, potatoes, rice, mac and cheese or broccoli salad. It is a compact 8" with a generous scoop on it. I also use mine for stirring in my smallest pot.



When I go to the woodshop I like to take water with lime juice and fresh mint leaves. This muddler is long enough (12") to muddle in a large glass and makes a healthy way to receive your daily water requirements. However I have also had the approval of a bartender on the quality and functionality of this gadget. He said it is perfect for making mojitos! The bottom is slightly flat with tapered edges making it perfect to fit in the corners of different shaped glasses. Now I muddle all kinds of fruit into my water and have a different, yummy drink every day! I have to stay hydrated in this Florida heat!


Everybody knows not to put a metal fork in the toaster, right? These are so handy for getting toast or bagels out of the toaster and there's no worry of getting hurt. I keep mine right on top of the toaster so they are always there. I also use these for frying bacon. They are about 8" long and less than an inch wide.




This sturdy spoon is perfect for large pots and specifically a Dutch Oven. The shape of the tip of the spoon fits nicely in the corners of a Dutch Oven.  This is 15" with a comfortable handle.


I am very excited about this new handy utensil! It has a dainty, comfortable handle while still providing you with the durability and strength that my customers have come to expect from me. The fancy curved end is great for sautéing in a pan or pot and is 12" long so it is great for scraping out jars too. A bonus! Two very important features in one utensil! I've already used mine to scrape out a mayonnaise jar, spaghetti sauce jar and a peanut butter jar, not to mention sautéing fresh vegetables.